Day 5 in Bukoba

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Our time so far in Bukoba has been very enjoyable. The children love hanging out with us, teaching us Swahili and them English. We went to visit Bukoba Secondary School and found out the students schedules have changed, and they are now finishing up with their final tests. We are planning to go to the school all of next week and teach the teachers how to use excel to more efficiently calculate the students' grades. Brady was able to get 30 soccer balls and we will be giving some to Bukoba secondary on Monday. This weekend we plan to go to Mugeza, where they have the albino and disabled school. There we will be cleaning out their dorms, spending time with them, and bringing donations such as clothing, sunglasses, and sporting equipment. We have all adjusted very well to the life here and really enjoy how relaxed they all live. Hopefully next time we will have much more to talk about, but for now we are on our way to the market to pick up some food. Talk soon.

BWB, specifically Jenna

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