First Days in Bukoba

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After our our flight to Mwanza, we spent the day touring the city and trying out our first African meal. We tried the fried fish and ugali, which is a paste made of flour. After this busy day we spend the night taking the ferry to Bukoba. The ferry ride itself was quite restless, but the sunrise in the morning was quite worth it. We met William at the ferry and he took us to our home where we will be until June 9th. The streets were full of children walking to school and everyone was out and about very early. It was nice to finally settle in and not move on the next day. We started with a delicious breakfast and had chips mayai for dinner that night. Today we spend the day with a short tour of Bukoba and are currently getting our phone worked out. We met with Mr. Raza who is helping us organize a schedule for going to observe at the hospital as well as visit a Muslim school over next weekend. Tomorrow we are going to Bukoba Secondary and setting up our time for the computer lessons. We are going to see the Masai now and will later have lunch and head home with our food from the market. Laura is very excited to try the fried grasshoppers later! Hopefully the lost luggage will be here tomorrow so Brandon can wear a new set of clothes, as he is starting to smell ;) Talk soon.

BWB, specifically Jenna

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How is the time change? Hope Brandon's suitcase showed up!!

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