May 27th Update

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Wow we did a lot of different things in the past few days! Hopefully we can talk about it all in the short time we have at the internet cafe!

On Saturday we went to Mugeza to visit the Albino and Disabled School there. We donated all of the clothes that we lugged across the world to the kids there, and that experience was a really good one. It was great to hand out the hats, long sleeved shirts, and sunglasses to the albino children who very badly need to have better protection from the sun. We also handed out the sunscreen and showed the kids how to apply it. After giving out the clothing donations, we gave all the kids eight soccer balls, and played with them for a while. It was really great to see how much fun the kids were having with the donations we were able to bring. Afterwards, we helped clean a dormitory with disinfectant and A LOT of scrubbing and moving beds and mattresses around. It was definitely hard but satisfying work! Overall the day was a lot of fun, and it was great to finally be doing some volunteer work after spending so much time setting things up last week!

Then yesterday was a special day, as it was Queen's first birthday party! Queen is William's daughter, so there was a big party at Kiroyera beach to celebrate her first birthday! That was a lot of fun, and was a really big event. There was a lot of dancing, and we really liked that! When it was time to open presents everyone would dance their way up to the front and present them to her. We thought that was a really fun way to do it! The food was amazing, as usual. We even got to try antelope! Overall it was a really fun and great night at the beach where we ate amazing food and met some really interesting people!

Then today we worked at Bukoba Secondary School teaching Excel to the teachers there. They wanted to learn how to use Excel in order to make grading and reporting grades easier. We were there for a long time both teaching them things and trying to figure them out ourselves. We definitely could have used a crash course in Excel before coming here, but we're figuring it out the best we can!

Overall it's been a busy few days and we're having a great time!

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