May 29th Update

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We've been working with the teachers at Bukoba Secondary School since Monday teaching them how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. It has been an interesting experience with them. Some of them seem to pick up on what we are teaching them quickly and others need it explained many times. Teaching them how to use these programs makes us feel really smart and capable with the programs. We won't be back to the school until Monday because the teachers have started grading their students' final exams. When we go on Monday we will bring the teachers a detailed list of how to use Excel and PowerPoint the way we taught them. Hopefully this will make it easier for them to remember what to do.

Later this evening we will be playing the Masai in a game of soccer. We are almost guaranteed to lose, but it will be a fun experience anyway. We don't have anything planned for tomorrow as of right now. On Friday we will be having lunch with a Muslim school. Then we will spend the weekend with them in their village. It will give us an opportunity to experience their culture and way of life.

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