We're finally here!

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After flights to Chicago, Amsterdam, and finally Kilimanjaro, we are back at the airport about to fly to Mwanza! We'll be taking the overnight ferry tonight and get to Bukoba tomorrow morning, where we will finally be able to settle in. The land here is beautiful and very green! We got to see a glimpse of Mt. Kilimanjaro from a distance, and are extremely excited to be there in 5 weeks! So far it's been a little hectic, as one of our bags ripped open and another one decided to stay in Amsterdam for an extra day, but we're figuring things out and still excited to be here!

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Happy to hear you all got there (minus some baggage!) safely! I'm sure this is all so exciting for you all- good luck on the ferry! Piece of advice--don't intake too much fluids because you'll all want to avoid the bathrooms ;) Looking forward to the next update!

Carly Dahl
BWB President

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