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What has Bruce Been Doing?

Bruce is finishing up his 20th year in Extension. His brother, Chuck, works at the same office in Rochester although they do completely different educational events. Bruce helps cities keep their local business base and look for ways to attract customers. He has been making a few trips to Hugo this fall to help his co-worker, Liz, do some business surveys. The interesting workshops this year have been focused on helping businesses correct errors on MapQuest and Google.

Bruce did get in a few rounds of golf in 2009 with his retired Dodge Center friends but the weekends were reserved to golf with Deb, who really polished her game. He lost his share of balls this year, but fortunately he had received a good number of them under the Christmas tree last year.

Bruce is participating in the Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows program so he has the opportunity to visit with some interesting people involved in setting public policy or lobbying. In January he will travel to Washington, DC for a few days. His brother, Ron, gets there frequently to lobby for the rural electric coops but Bruce is looking forward to visiting the White House for the first time.

There have been no complications from the liver transplant 5 years ago. Thank God for that!