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April 30, 2010

April 30 message

Good Morning: I hope you have all had a good week. A few things to share today.

Staff Development Day follow-up. For those who attended last week's Southwest Staff Development Day in Redwood Falls, please complete the Survey Monkey evaluation. If you have any lingering questions about things that were discussed including the furlough and related HR questions, give me a call. I would also encourage you to visit the FAQ in the Dean's section of the employee website.

Regional Center Quarterly report. Earlier this week the spring quarterly regional report was distributed. The intended audience for the report is local stakeholders and partners including County Extension Committee members, County Commissioners and local legislators. The purpose of the report is to reinforce the connectivity of local, regional and state Extension educational programming that is making a difference in the region. We have made a couple of changes in the spring quarterly report. The first change is that the report is for Marshall and Hutchinson Regional Offices. Previously a separate report was produced for Hutchinson and Marshall. In addition to the efficiency of one report, the combined report underscores the point that programming by Regional Extension Educators is defined by program need rather than geography. The second change in the spring report is that the report is distributed electronically. Printed reports were produced only for the small number of stakeholders who do not have an e-mail address. This change was made in an effort to make the best use of the available resources, and to deliver the report in a method that is becoming increasingly preferred by our public. For Support staff in County offices, you received the report by e-mail. Please forward the report to other staff in your county Extension office.

Memorandum of Agreements: As of this writing three counties in the region, (Lincoln, Lac qui Parle and Chippewa), have 2011 - 2013 MOA's approved by the County Board of Commissioners.

Happy May Day.


April 9, 2010

April 9 message

Good Afternoon: I hope all of you have had a good week. A few items to share today:

Welcome McLeod and Meeker counties to this blog. Sarah Chur, Regional Director in Saint Cloud had a baby girl last weekend. During the time that she will be out on maternity leave, I will be filling in for her in McLeod and Meeker Counties.

County Extension Committee meetings. Three counties in our region, (Renville, Lac qui Parle and Yellow Medicine), held Extension Committee meetings this past week and four counties in our region, (Kandiyohi, Chippewa, Lincoln and Redwood) have meetings the week of April 12. The meeting went very well, and the committees are all very supportive of the Extension programming they see in the county and region.

2011 - 2013 Memorandum of Agreements. All the MOA's in our eight county region are up for renewal for the 2011 year. At this month's county Extension Committee meetings I am presenting the new three year MOA's for consideration. In the meetings held this past week all the committees have unanimously approved to agreements for approval. The next step will be consideration by the County Board of Commissioners.

Have a good weekend.