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July 27, 2010

July 27 Message

Good Morning: We are in the heat of summer and summer programs. In our region, Lincoln and Yellow Medicine county fairs are this week, and Chippewa and Lyon follow next week. Summer nutrition programming, day camps and consumer calls are active. Thanks to everyone for great Extension programming in the region.

A few more things to share this week:

Farmfest is August 3-5 in Redwood County. The University of Minnesota tent located next door to the Forum Tent will feature research and education for the Ag audience. Goldy Gopher will also be there. You may be interested in the U tube video he did in collaboration with the Minnesota Corn Growers .

The University of Minnesota Farm Family Recognition program will be Thursday, August 5 at Farmfest. The Farm Family details can be found at the Farm Family website.

Consumer Horticulture calls: Whether it is earwigs or yellow maple tree leaves or weeds in lawns, this is the season for home horticulture calls. As a reminder, the Gardening page on the Extension public website has a great diagnostic tool for plant problems, weed and insect id.

Minnesota Primary Elections will be held Tuesday, August 10. AS a reminder, public meetings should not be scheduled during the times that polls are open, (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.). University policy is that paid leave of absence may be taken in the morning of Election Day to vote in a primary or general election.

Questions about the furlough: Last week central University calendaring sent a calendar update to everyone in the calendar system updating their outlook calendars for the scheduled furlough, December 28, 29 and 30.. For staff in our region, the furlough applies to 4H Program Coordinators, Nutrition Educators and Regional Office Administrative Support staff. County Support staff follow County policies. Questions? Give me a call.

Have a good week and keep cool.