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November 24, 2010

November 24 message

Good Afternoon. I hope you have had a good week. Due to the shortened work week, this week's blog comes a bit early. A few things to share this week.

Blog welcome: Receiving this blog for the first time this week are Regional Office Support staff in Morris. So, let me say a couple of things about this blog. The purpose of this is to communicate and share information that is of interest to staff in our region. This information may be organizational messages or items of interest from individual offices. A key feature of a blog is the option for anyone to comment or share information, which I encourage. You can also view past blog entries. The primary audience of this blog are County and Regional Support staff. I encourage you to share information that is appropriate with other staff in your office.

Google Transition: Thanks to all of you for your extra work that helped the Google transition go fairly smoothly. I believe everyone in our region has successfully migrated to Google mail and calendar. If they have not already done so, encourage all of the staff in your office to share their calendars with others in your office and me using the "See all event details" option under calendar settings.

Preparing for the 2011 Legislative session: In our ten counties we have three newly elected State Representatives and one newly elected Senator. Dean Durgan has asked that Regional Directors meet with the newly elected and continuing elected officials prior to the legislative session to familiarize them with the work in County, Regional and State offices connecting University Resources to the people of Minnesota. Similar communication is happening with the County Commissioners in our region, including the seven new Commissioners in our ten county region.

County Year-end budget: If you have not done so already, I would ask that County office Support staff do a year end budget close out projection and forward that information to me.

Redwood 4H Program Coordinator. Interviews were held earlier this month for this position which is open due to the previous 4H PC Deb Hadley resigning that position and moving to a Regional 4H Educator position in the Worthington Regional Office. An offer has been extended and verbally accepted. An official announcement should be coming once all the employment documents are signed.

Thanksgiving: The Regional Offices will be closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. Please have a safe and restful holiday. If you are traveling; be safe. If you are shopping; have fun. And above all, take some time to thankful for all the blessings we have.