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March 14, 2011

March 14 message

Good Morning: I hope you are having a good start to the week. A few things to share:

Flood Preparation: As we all know, record flooding is possible in all major watersheds of the state. The extension response to flooding will have three parts, The web based response, the flood information line - 800-232-9077 for questions about water, crops, horticulture and climatology issues, and the AnswerLine 1-800-854-1678 for questions about cleaning, stains, mildew, and food safety issues.

The Flood page is focused on flood preparation. When flooding occurs, the focus of the page will turn to flood recovery.

This week each County Extension Office will receive a poster publicizing the Extension Flood Response resources. Please post this in your office or another public location. If you see a need for additional posters, let me know.

A companion to the poster that can be printed locally as a half sheet and used as a handout is found here.

As questions come in, please direct the people to these Extension Resources. Avoid giving out information that may not be accurate or may originate from other sources.

If you have any questions please call me.

Google video talk and Chat: Several of you have asked about this feature. Here is the link that is needed for the download to utilize the video chat and talk feature of Google. This is necessary to communicate in the way with your co-workers in other offices. If you have questions on this, contact Mary Jo at the Marshall Regional Office.

Century Farm recognition: Recently there was a media release that publicized the Century Farm Recognition. Even though Extension is not involved with the Century Farm program, the media release indicated that County Extension Offices could be contacted. SO, in case you have questions, click on this link for the Century Farm program.University of Minnesota designated floating holiday: The University and Regional Offices will be closed Friday, March 18 for the designated floating holiday.

Have a good week,