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June 27 message

Good Afternoon, as the state nears a possible government shut down, there are many questions. Here are a few questions and answers that I have heard. Feel free to use this blog this week pose other questions.

If the state government shuts down, when would the shutdown occur? The current state fiscal year ends June 30, so a shutdown would begin Friday, July 1.

Will our County and Regional Extension offices be impacted by a state government shutdown? The short answer is that Extension will continue 'business as usual". Employees should report to work as scheduled and continue programming.

What about Nutrition Programming? A significant funding source for Health and Nutrition programming is the SNAP ED program. This Federal SNAP ED funds "pass through" a state department which reimburses salaries and expenses for Nutrition Education including "Simply Good Eating". During a shutdown, SNAP ED funds may not be available, and programming will need to be supported from other sources.

Could things change? We are in a very fluid and rapidly changing time. Keep in contact with your Extension Supervisor for any funding or program changes. The Deans office will communicate any changes through the Deans page on the employee website. This is a time to be very careful with information that may not be accurate or circulated via "rumor mill".

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