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July 21 message

Good Morning: I hope you have all had a good week. Fortunately the heat wave has passed and we are back to more bearable summer weather. A few things to share this week:

County Fairs: As you read this, several County Fairs in the region are history, and others are busy preparing for the upcoming event. County Fairs are a very public showcase of the University of Minnesota programming. I thank everyone for all you do to make the County Fair programs run smoothly.

Farmfest: Farmfest will be August 2 - 4. The University of Minnesota will again have interactive displays in the University of Minnesota tent located on 5th Street directly across from the Minnesota Cattlemen's food tent, (new location this year). University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler will attend Farmfest on Wednesday, August 3 and will speak briefly at 10:15 a.m. in the Farmfest Forum tent. The University of Minnesota Farm Family Recognition program will be Thursday August 4 at 1:30 p.m. in the Farmfest Forum tent.

Extension Committees and Budgets: After today, 9 of the 10 counties in our region have met and approved the 2012 budget recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners. The Extension Committee meetings have gone very smoothly which is attributable to their appreciation of the good work the Extension does in the county.

Stormy July: Earlier this month Mark Seeley reported to the MnEDEN team that volatile weather was possible in Minnesota through July 20, and once again Dr. Seeley was accurate. Many areas of our region were impacted by a series of storms that began with the July 1 storm that stretched from South Dakota across Minnesota to Wisconsin. Other storms followed and we all experienced the record stretch of high temperatures and humidity. As with past weather related emergencies, the Extension website has been the access point for educational materials people are looking for as they recover from the storms. This web page has been added to several of your County web pages as a "hot topic".
Here is a photo of the debris cleanup at my residence.

My Schedule: As some of you know, I will be on vacation July 25 - 29th. I will be riding in the MS TRAM, (300 mile bike ride to raise support for Multiple Sclerosis research and treatment). If you need Regional Director help during the week, you can contact the neighboring RD's, (Holli Arp, Nathan Crane or Sarah Chur). I will be checking cell phone and e-mail messages, (I have a mount for my phone on my bike). We will also be attending the U2 concert at TCF stadium.

Have a great week,


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