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The breaking news for Monday, April 2nd is the shooting at Oikos Univeristy in Oakland California.

The lede is very precise and straight to the point. It tells us who, where, when, and how many people were killed. It even mentions that it is a religious school.

In the nutgraf, the author tells the reader what happened after the shooting, telling the reader that a suspect has been identified and has been taken into custody. The author also says that little is know about suspect's motives and background.

...You could just stop reading right there. The reader knows everything, except the details of the shooting.

Well shall we? The details...

In the 3rd paragraph, the author begins a chronological look at the events that took place. It begins by saying at what time and where the shooting took place. Then, the author mentions an Oakland Police Department spokeswomen, giving the reader details about how Mr. Goh acted alone and how he was a nursing student at the college (though he was not currently enrolled).

Now we're really into the details of the story. The author uses the voice of the Mayor to mention that most of the victims were Korean. The author then says the police were called at 10:30am which helps him bring in first hand experiences and transitions into the authors interviews.

The first interview is of a man whose wife called from the college and told him to call the police when the shooting occurred.

From there, the author provides first hand accounts of what happened and mixes in sentimental words from Oakland's mayor.

The author also decides to bring up the religious affiliation of the school. One quote talks about hearing the gun shots and people screaming, but the interviewee goes on to say "I'm a Christian and I believe God protects me."

Finally, the story ends with a women, Mary Ping, who works as a receptionist at the college. The author tells readers that Ms. Ping received a call at 10:30, but was unable to pick it up.

This is where I got a little confused, because Ms. Ping says that she believes her daughter was calling and this must mean that she's alive. But then the story ends without saying if Ms. Ping was able to get in touch with her daughter. This definitely leaves a cliffhanger on the story, but also, since the story is running in tomorrow's newspaper (April 3rd) I feel like they'd be able to connect by then (if she's alive). To me, it seems like an odd note to leave on.

The majority of the story consists of first-hand experiences. The author tells the story through the people who were affected by the shooting. The story is concise, but also lends itself to a compelling story.

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