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February 25, 2007

Seven Dead from Crashes in Wisconsin

Star Tribune
Pioneer Press
Seven people have died from weather related crashes over the weekend. There were four crashes, the most tragic was the crash involving a minivan that slid into a snow plow. A mom, her daughter, and nephew died. Some of the crashes took place on 94 in St. Crouix County. Both the articles were pretty similar in giving about the same amount of information about each of the accidents, and relating them to the snowy weather at the time. The Tribune did write more details of all the incidents however.

Snow in Minnesota

Star Tribune
Pioneer Press
Both articles focused on the relatively large amount of snow that has fallen in the Twin Cities. The Tribune focused a lot on how travel wasn't advised and covered all the snow emegencies that were in effect all over Minnesota. The Pioneer Press article focused more on what was expected to happen with all the snow because it was written earlier than the Tribune article. The Pioneer Press was written when there wasn't as much snow on the ground as when the Tribune's article was written. So the Tribune writes more about what is happening with all the snow on the ground, while the Pioneer Press writes more about what to expect and what city officials are doing and why.

Slavery ties Sharpton to Thurmond

Star Tribune
Pioneer Press
Al SHarpton has found out that his ancestor was a slave to Sen. Thurmond. Thurmond was a senator who fought for segregation and once ran a filibuster on a civil rights bill. It was discovered after a reporter asked Sharpton if a group of geneologists could try and figure out who his ancestors were. The stories are pretty similar in both articles, however the Pioneer Press continues with more information about how Sen. Thurmond had relaxed his views on segregation later in his life. Both included a stoy about how the two had met in the 1990's and how it was "awkward" for Sharpton because he knew Thurmond's beliefs and what he had done in his life.

Bomber Targets Baghdad College

Star Tribune
Washington Post

"A suicide bomber triggered a ball bearing-packed charge Sunday, killing at least 41 people at a mostly Shiite college" as the Tribune opened its story. The next line of the Tribunes article continues with "whose main gate was left littered with blood-soaked student notebooks and papers amid the bodies." This was a lot more graphic than the Washington post who wrote "A suicide bomber detonated a belt of explosives Sunday afternoon at a university in Baghdad, killing dozens of students, in the second large-scale attack on a college campus in the capital this year" as the lead. The school has been bombed before, and the month before 70 people had been killed at the school's main campus. Both articles discussed how the Al-Sadr militia was pulled off the street for the new security plan, but how the continuing of car bombs is makingt hem rethink this decision.

Iran's president says nuclear plans unstoppable

start tribune
Washington Post
Iran's president said that the nuclear program is like a "train without brakes" or "reverse", to which Rice responded that they need a "stop button". Both articles were covered pretty similarily by both papers. They both discussed how members of the U.N. Security council were discussing what should be done. The washington Post article however, went into a little more detail. The post included more quotes from Rice, and also included information about what exactly uranium was used for and how Iran had been using it in the past.

February 11, 2007

Harvard names first woman president

The Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/09/AR2007020900220.html reported that Harvard has named its first woman president. Drew Gilpin Faust, 59, dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study will be appointed as soon as this weekend. She is a historian on the American South, and will be the first woman president since the school's beginnings in 1636.
The Star Tribune also covered this story, http://www.startribune.com/484/story/995267.html, but focused more on who Faust was replacing. It wrote about how the previous president had made some remarks about women, and how lengthy and secretive the process of naming the new president was.

U.S. Offers evidence Iran is Arming Iraq

A Star Tribune article, http://www.startribune.com/722/story/995894.html, wrote that senior U.S. military officials announced that there is evidence that Iran is supplying Irq with weapons. The weapons were mainly consisting of kits used to make roadside bombs which the officials say have killed troops in Iraq.
Many of the members of congress are saying that this is just a ploy to find a scapegoat for the war in Iraq or possibly to start on the path of a war with Iran.
The Washington Post covered this story and although it had similar details, there were more in depth analyzations of the numbers of trrops, and the weapons that were reported as being brought into Iraq.