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Missing boys found dead

pioneer press
star tribune

Two boys were found dead Sunday in a lake near their home on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. A volunteer search team found the bodies of the two young brothers encased in ice on the Red Lake Indian Reservation more than four months after they disappeared, authorities said. Tristan White, 4, and Avery Stately, 2, were reported missing Nov. 22 after they went out to play. The Red Lake reservation is the same place where 16-year-old Jeff Weise killed his grandfather and grandfather's companion on March 21, 2005, then went to the high school and killed seven more people, including a teacher and a security guard, before killing himself. The coverage from both news sources was similar. This ws coverage on diversity dur to the fact that it was on the reservation. There were not msny details and there wasn't much of a controversial issue so the story was fine.