August 15, 2004

Week in Review August 9-14

This week I spent the day in Dr. Ollila's general internal medicine clinic in downtown Minneapolis, which was a lot of fun. As is typical, we saw a former CEO of a major Minnesota company along with a mix of adults from age 40-80. The most interesting case was a guy who dislocated his shoulder, although the shoulder was still mostly functional and only slightly sore. Its amazing how very wrong even a suble abnormality looks after you spend hours in gross anatomy and hours learning the physical exam.

I re-created the Class of 2007 webpage, integrating a blog into the front page.

I spent a good deal of time this week helping with orientation - leading tours, speaking on a discussion panel, and taking a small group out to dinner. I also spent some time training my new Curriculum Liaison MS1 counterparts and making sure everything worked. Unfortunately, the Lectures Online server was hacked and then suffered some hardware failure, and as of Sunday is still not functional. But at least the anatomy course webpage I created seems to be perfectly functional.

I also put the finishing touches on my new webpage.

And finally, I received my new Palm Tungsten C from I was a little afraid it wouldn't work out of the box, being an open box version, but everything worked great.

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