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As I have not yet begun my volunteering, I decided to blog about the reading from Working that we read this week. I found the readings of the various people extremely interesting. It’s crazy how Terkel took ordinary people with ordinary jobs and got them to talk about their lives. The two people I found most interesting were the two brothers, the police man and the fire man. They both had such extraordinary stories to share. The policeman worked in a city which he compared to Harlem, except worse. The quote I found really interested was, “I’ve been shot. The only thing I haven’t been in Bedford-Stuyvesant is stabbed. I’ve been spit at. I’ve been hit with bottles, rocks, bricks...? (Terkel, 573). With all of the negative things that happen to him on the job, he had no complaints and seemed eager to help people. The one thing that hit me about being extremely hard about his job is that with all these terrible things he sees, he’s worried he will come home and not feel anything. His brother, Tom Patrick, also seemed so eager to help people. He felt like he could relate to them because they were ordinary people just like him. He said he would hang out with people as friends and forget he was on duty, because he fit in so well with them. Tom Patrick also had some remarkable stories about fires he had been to and things he had seen. I liked how he talked about firemen and how the lieutenant is the first one in the fire. He is someone to be looked up to, and that is something he never found in the police department. I thought the reading was very interesting and well written.