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A little adventure

Since the weather has been so nice lately and I'm always looking for new ways to get some much needed exercise, I decided to rollerblade from my dorm to Open Arms yesterday. Looking at the map, I thought I had my route all figured out. So I set on my way and found out my map had been deceiving in where roads go through and where they don’t. I found myself at a dead end, with a highway to cross to get to Franklin Ave, where Open Arms is. Excellent. Somehow I found myself near the Cedar Riverside Light Rail station, hoped on going toward what I thought was Franklin. Instead, I of course got on going the wrong way.. and headed toward the Metrodome. Meanwhile, people are giving me ridiculous looks.. all because I had my rollerblades on. Anyways, I finally got back on the Light Rail going the RIGHT way and got to Open Arms. This time we scooped a lot of soup, like we usually do on Thursdays. We also put food into the containers to be packaged and listened to some tunes while doing so. I love volunteering at Open Arms and I really do feel like I am helping the community, but I wish I could take part in the delivery part of the organization as well as helping out in the kitchen. I think if I could just meet some of the clients I would feel better about what I do every week in the kitchen. Its hard to believe you’re really helping someone when you don’t even get to see them, but there are plenty of wonderful, very appreciative people at Open Arms to remind you of how great what you’re doing is.