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Open Arms, Big Hearts

Since I got such a late start with my service learning this semester, I've been trying to pick up some extra hours here and there. This week I went in today (Monday) in addition to my Thursday shift. I called my parents on the way to Open Arms to talk about the upcoming moving week, and I could tell my mom was a little nervous about me being downtown and riding the bus at 10 o'clock at night. I was a little nervous, but I'm a big girl.. and I assured her I could handle myself. I'm actually really glad I signed up to go in today, because I was the only help Barbara (one of the Chefs at Open Arms) had. We first sealed the containers using a machine they call "Oliver." Oliver seals the containers with a plastic wrap and allows the meals to be kept in the freezer. Then each container has to be labeled. After this was done, I got to make a dessert for the clients. It was a mixture of angel food cake, a cheesecake-mixture and cherries. It was cool to actually make a meal for once, instead of just portioning food into containers. We worked pretty fast and got everything done pretty early. Barbara's daughter came around 9:15pm and we folded the laundry and such. Then Barbara told me I was free to go.. but assuming I would be there til 10pm, I hadn't looked up when the next bus would be coming until then. Barbara, being the amazing person she is, offered to drive me back to the U. I wouldn't have minded taking the bus, but it was reeeal nice to ride back to the dorms in a comfortable, odorless vehicle. It was a lot faster too. This is another example of how the people at Open Arms are so welcoming and appreciative of the time people give to help out. Not only are they passionate about the aims of the organization, but their generosity is still seen once they are done with their day at Open Arms.