July 10, 2007

Smells Like a Pointless Essay

Matt Compton's essay, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" does no more than explain the obvious and fail miserably at trying to do the impossible - to explain music with words. Over and over, the author states that Cobain's music illustrated the confused feelings of kids growing up in the early 90's and that his was the voice of a generation. These are true and valid points, but the author continued to state them repeatedly in the essay. Additionaly, he used a source, Azerrad, whose quotes were stating the exact same thing that the autor was arguing. This led me to think that this was not an original essay and that the topic had already been researched and reported in-depth.
It would have benefited the author to take a look at Cobain outside of just this song. Analysis of Nirvana's other music, and Cobain's life as a whole, could have supported the author's hypothesis very well. I feel that this essay was too broad, shallow and unoriginal. The topic is interesting, however the author would have benefited by doing some more research.

June 28, 2007

RR # 2

Freya Johnson's article, "Holy Homosexuality, Batman" seemed a bit disjointed to me. From the homosexuality argument, she provided extensive examples, but I was left saying "so what?" Midway through the article the author attemted to attach the good and bad homosexuality with good and bad capitalism. To me, these two topics did not mesh. Had the paper focused solely on the capitalism and marketing arguments, I believe it would have been much stronger. There were valid points in the article which suggest that the movie was trying to promote a correct and corporate lifestyle. The homosexuality discussion was excessive and did not really come to any valid point - yes, there are many gay ques in the movie, but that is not exactly rare, especially in superhero movies.
I did enjoy the discussion regarding the greed of the movie industry, however, in that the corporate presence in the film can be seen as a form of subliminal advertising. This was a much more academic viewpoint to take when discussing the film, Batman Forever.