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I find myself annoyed whenever I hop into my car to go somewhere. It's almost as if I can't make it through one stop light without hitting my brakes and having to pull a NASCAR evasive manuver to avoid hitting some kid listening to his iPod. Although I do understand that we live on a college campus, it is almos as if these people are not worried about being run over by a car. This also confuses me because I have almost been hit on numerous occasions by lead footed drivers whille crossing legally. Jaywalking is indeed illegal, although not enforced which I somewhat understand due to the fact that it would be an all day job to hand out citations. I do understand why someone would want to cross the street because it is more conveniant but I don't understand why someone would step out in front of a car assuming it will stop. There are tons of deaths each year by people crossing the street, and a large percentage are on campuses. I plead with anybody reading this, save your life and make it easier for the rest of us to drive. Stick to using the walk sign.