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Possible Titles...

I'm not sure how long this blog response should be, coming up with three titles ended up being harder than I imagined. It's hard to find titles that are interesting, direct, and clever. On the other hand, making them too clever can sometimes come off as cheap and unprofesional so I guess this response is more challenging than I originally imagined...


I think I will try to make each title suggestion distinctly different not to come up with an official title but to come up with the idea we want to follow to find the title that best fits our intentions.

1. Architect-User Designed Low-Income Housing in Pune

At first this title seems wordy and long but it actually accurately sums up the entire project. This would be my suggestion of something direct and to the point. It sounds profeesional but it also sounds somewhat like the title of an article in a newspaper which I don't know if like. Although, something shorter would be inaccurate in describing the full intention of the project.

2. Pratima Joshi: Female Homelessness Solution in Pune

I keep trying to find shorter examples but seem to fall short at every attempt. This title would focus more on the architect Pratima Joshi, but that is not the entire intention of our project. Our project is also interested in explaining how these dwelling units are created in conjunction with the user and they have a major part in the construction and design. I would like to incorporate that into the title because it is what makes our project more interesting and it is unusual for a homeless user to have input on their housing. The other thing important about our project is that this housing is not free and the user is expected to keep it maintained. I just have to decide which of these points is the MOST important because I obviously can't include all of it in the title.

3. Pune Homeless Female Oriented Housing

So far, I may like this one the best. It's between 1 and 3 for me right now. I know it does not explain many of the points I listed above, but I think it has the best feeling after doing the research that we have done thus far. I feel obligated to put the word female in the title because it really is one of the main focuses of the project which i feel is unusual for India. I am leaving out the fact that they are also user designed but I feel it may not be as important although I am definitely undecided on that.