Analysis of different multimedia options available.

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The Wisconsin State Journal and The Star Tribune both offer a number of multimedia options to expand your use of the news over multiple platforms.

Both publications have a Facebook and Twitter account in order to keep up with social media. Star Tribune has both a Pinterest and Instagram account as well.

Through the Wisconsin State Journal's Facebook page, it can post updates or points of interest that will be relevant to their followers. People can get easier access to the news since these updates will show up in their newsfeed.

There isn't a whole lot of writing in these Facebook posts since most of them link back to the publication's website. Usually there is one sentence, similar to a lede, that summarizes what the article is about.

The Star Tribune also posts similar updates that link back to articles on their website.

These types of updates can complement news stories because they may help readers find articles they would normally not read if the update didn't come up in their newsfeed.

There are also colloquial updates about things like weather that readers might see in their newsfeed in the morning.

Twitter accounts act very similarly to the Facebook accounts because they link back to relevant articles that followers will want to read.

Since many people do not receive prink copies of newspapers or visit the publication's website, these multimedia tools provide a way for the publication to get their content out there in the most accessible way.

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Again, you need to link to the original stories in these blog entries. You are not doing this.

We also do not give you full credit for doing all your blogging on one day. These were all posted on Sunday, right near the deadline. So three of them got half credit.

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