Minneapolis City Council hopes to further discuss issues with Orchestra

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Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra have been locked out of Minneapolis City Council meetings since they voted Oct. 1 to reject a contract that would cut minimum salaries by 32 percent, according to Star Tribune

The City of Minneapolis typically discourages the use of lockouts to settle labor disputes, so they are hoping talks between the Council and orchestra will begin again.

Currently concerts for the Minnesota Orchestra have been canceled through November and there may be a possibility to cancel the December ones as well.

Management of the Minnesota Orchestra refused to talk until the union bring a financial proposal to the table.

So far the union has three proposals: Employ binding arbitration, continue to play during talks, and a financial analysis.

The orchestra is currently trying to raise $110 million for 3 purposes: $50 million for a hall renovation, $30 million in artistic initiatives, and $30 million for endowment.

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