Syria hit hard by rise in violence

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Syria experienced some of it's worst violence in months during the growing conflict.

The Local coordinating committee, a collection of activist organizations across Syria, reported the daily death toll to be at least 159, according to the New York Times

Much of the fighting involved Popular Front units, who were backed by government artillery. The Popular Front stands for the Liberation of Palestine General Command and still supports the government.

Around 450,000 Palestinians and their descendants currently live in Syria, and many side with those leading the uprising. A number of displaced families have started camping in back gardens or schoolyards.

A car bomb exploded in a Damascus neighborhood behind the official palace of President Bashar al-Assad. The Free Syrian army is responsible for the attack and was targeted at military officers and members of armed militias that fight for the government.

Mostly Sunni Muslim are out to fight against Assad, according to the Los Angeles Times

Assad said his administration defends Syria's minority groups. The government is labeling armed rebels as terrorists.

Recently, pro and anti-Assad Palestinian factions clashed which has divided Syria's Palestinian refugee community.

Kafarnabel, a northwestern Syria town, has achieved international notoriety because of it's residents using witty protest banners, some even in English that have been posted on YouTube.

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