Washington prepares for the legalization of marijuana

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Voters in Colorado and Washington approved the legalization of marijuana in small amounts for personal use this past election.

This legalization poses some hurdles for the Seattle police department as they try to set certain regulations and guidelines for the new law.

According to the New York Times , former crime reporter Jonah Spangenthal-Lee runs a blog for an alternative Seattle newspaper where he tried to communicate to the mostly young users of marijuana the new implications of the legalization.

One specific blog post, titled "Marijwhatnow", functions as a question-and-answer form, according to The Washington Post that provides such information as what will happen if you are caught with marijuana before December 6th, all written in a satiric tone.

Currently, possession of marijuana is still a federal crime but the state government will be addressing all issues related to the new legalization such as licenses for growers, processors, and sellers

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