Wisconsin redistricting may have caused tilt towards GOP votes

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Legislative redistricting in Wisconsin may have had an impact on the outcome of the 2012 election.

Republicans have regained control of the state senate with a 21 seat majority, according to The Capital Times

The Democratic assembly candidates won 193,000 more votes across the state than the GOP, but the districting of voters may have tilted the scale towards Republican.

Mike McCabe, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said that redistricting lines were "drawn in a way that squeezes most Democratic voters into a few districts and widely disperses their voting power across the rest of the districts."

The redistricting of Wisconsin, based on the 2010 census, was believed to have been done mostly in secret by Republicans who controlled the legislature at that time, according to Isthmus

In March, three federal judges did not contest the validity of the redistricting when Democrats accused the GOP of gaining an electoral advantage, which is technically not illegal.

This redistricting of Wisconsin may foresee a mostly Republican future for the state. The Democrats targeting certain Republican incumbents will also rely on the outcome of Scott Walker's actions in the next year to determine which direction they will be heading.

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