China's prejudice against AIDS and HIV victims

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In light of World AIDS Day, China exposed some strange prejudices against its citizens with HIV.

World AIDS Day holds the purpose to create positive and empowering media messages for those with AIDS and HIV, but a news story in China had sympathy for a different group of people, according to The Washington Post

The article was about a local HIV clinic and commented on the bravery of the nurses instead of the infected patients.

Chinese Media watcher Danwei said the article treated HIV patients like a leprous group to "be avoided like the plague".

A large number of HIV cases in China are hidden because patients fear discrimination when seeking out testing, according to Global Times

Although China's government is working to fight this discrimination, Chinese citizens can still be fired from their jobs or evicted from their homes due to their HIV status.

China may have discrimination issues against AIDS and HIV, but it is not to the same severe degree as other countries.

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