Lesbian Air Force Sergeant

I found a story in the Star Tribune titled "Lesbian Sgt. Discharged after Police tell Military." It peaked my interest so I read over it and found that Sgt. Jene Newsome had been given an honorable discharge after South Dakota police saw a marriage certificate in her home showing she was married to someone of the same sex. Newsome has become very upset because she has abided by the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and feels she shouldn't have been discharged because of a third party outing her for her sexuality.

I went to see what the Pioneer Press had to say, maybe they would get a quote or two that the Star Tribune didn't get, or maybe more news not present in the other paper, but the story and headline were the exact same. Both papers took the article written by Timberly Ross of the Associated Press. I thought maybe because the story was close in proximity to where we are that maybe a reporter could of went and gotten a story themselves, but that's not the case here. I was actually a bit disappointed to see the same story, I really was expecting a little difference in the papers.

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