Michael Gramling made Powderhorn Park a better place

The Star Tribune did an obituary on Michael Gramling, a very busy man during his lifetime, to say the least.

Gramling was very active within the community, most of his time being spent on making Powderhorn Park a lot better place for everyone. Some of his other time was spent on things such as planting flowers, alley cleanups, and many other community activities.

The story had just a brief sentence on his death, saying he died of colon cancer at 54. I know that obituaries are suppose to be celebrating ones life, but unless his family wished not to have any focus on the cancer, I was a bit suprised how they kind of squeezed it in as a little nugget.

The story really focused on how he dedicated most of his time to helping the community. It sort of is a shame that people like Gramling, who spend so much time helping the community and others, go unrecognized until after they are gone.


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