EU says half of normal flights may run Monday

Another natural disaster has brought agony to people, but not even close to that of the recent earthquakes. The volcano in Iceland last week that erupted has interfered with air travel, and millions have been waiting for the ashes to clear before they can make it to their destination.

Now, air traffic believes some flights can start taking off come Monday as forecasts have shown some clearing of the ashes in the air. The entire continent will not be cleared, however, and the sense of complete air travel once again is still unknown.

The ashes in the air can be very dangerous to a flying plane as the ashes can get caught up in the engines, shutting them down causing the plane to fall out of the sky.

The airlines have been hurting mightily because of the flying restrictions, basically losing over $200 million every day that flights were canceled.

It is unbelievable the string of natural catastrophes that has occured the last couple weeks; from the earthquakes in Haiti, Chili, Baja California-Mexico, Indonesia, Spain and China, and now the earthquake in Iceland has just added to that list.

Associated Press

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