Gleason's Gym in Eagan

Bill Ward of the Star Tribune did a piece on Gleason's Gym, which features senior citizens doing acrobatic moves such as back flips on trampolines and cartwheels on beams.

Every week for lessons or open gym, the middle-aged people of the community come out to have fun and work out with younger trainers, some who are even their offspring.

While it is a workout and challenge for many of these older people, what attracts them is the fun aspect such as jumping on trampolines where the trainers showed them how to o different flips and aerials.

One of the things Gleason's preaches is to set your mind to something, your body will allow for it to happen. Think positive, if you think you can't, you won't. If you don;t worry about it and just do it, you can accomplish it.

I think it would be funny, but cool to see a 63-year-old man doing back flips on a trampoline.

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