Mangia, Mangia

A unique story in Italy where Nicoletta De Thomasis, along with his family, took in the writer, Matt Gross, and they dined on tons of sphaghetti and sausage, with a glass of wine.

Gross stoppe to have the inner with the family to get a sense of real Italian foo made by real Italians, rather than what is deemed "Italian food" at the restaurants, even in Italy.

Italian food is held at such a high level that there is even a group called "Home Food" that is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the Italian dishes.

People that sign up to be members of "Home Food" gets a catalage of different Italian dishes and they can actually pick out something that looks good to them to them and can order it for a price.

Goats and sheep, among so many others, are just the beginning of a long list of local meats used to make the entrees.

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