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5 airlines won't charge for carryons, senator says

With all this talk about airlines charging more for carry-on luggage, a few airlines are about to give people a sigh of relief. While this is great news for riders, those 5 airlines have been hurting recently as they have reported losses in revenue for the first quarter.

According to the report by Harry Weber for the Associated Press, as many as 26 of U.S. airlines have been adding fees to everything from carry-ons, food, and even pillows to make up for the high gas prices. But these airlines are afraid of losing their customers with the charges and have decided not to add the fees.

According to New York Sen. Charles Schumer, the five airlines that have made this decision are American, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and JetBlue Airways. The senator, along with other officials, are planning on meeting with Spirit Airlines representatives to talk to them about their carry-on fees.

The plan by the senators, including Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, are in talks of taxing airlines for charging the carry-on bags.

Mary Kay Gallagher: The Gaurd Dog

The real estate agent who is trying to sell a 12-room house on Marlborough Road isn't about to show the house to just anyone as she is very protective of her neighborhood. The 90-year-old real estate agent can tell the difference between those who are serious about buying and those who just like to stop an look.

The agent, who has been so since 1922, has patrolled and been selling homes in Prospect Parks, a 2.5 square mile section in Brooklyn. Many other agents call it a monopoly she has on the area. Because of this, many of her competitors don't get along with Gallagher, but some of her competition respect her and see her as an icon.

Time: Putting a Price Tag on the Melting Ice Caps

Judith Schwarts of Time Magazine did a piece on how much money the ice caps melting will cost us now and down the road. According to a study done by Eban Goodstein, over the next 40 years it will cost $2.4 trillion to $24 trillion if the Arctic keeps melting at the pace it is.

Not only does the melting ice caps effect our economy, but also effects our atmosphere as an annual rate of 3 billion tons of CO2 has been added to the skies, equaling about 500 coal-powered plants, or even 40 percent of all U.S. fossil fuel emissions.

According to another study, "Cost of a Warming Arctic," the U.S. has been losing $61 billion to $371 billion annually due to heat changes and flooding. These studies obviously call for change as some ask for people to give part of their income to fight the global warming. Studies suggest 3 percent of per capita income could fight the warming.,8599,1977563,00.html

Robert Culp was part of something historic back in the 1960's, and now he is gone. Culp starred in the hit TV series "I Spy" along with comedian Bill Cosby. It was historic in that this it was the first TV series to feature a black person in a starring role.

It was a weird way of dying for Culp as he just collapsed while walking down the sidewalk and hit his head on the cement. As the obituary says, he died after arriving to the hospital.

He was on many other TV episodes and several movies, but nothing made him more famous then the "I Spy" series.

Big Storms in Northeast knocking out power...and people?

It seems no matter what the season is, the Northeast is always getting pounded with bad weather. Snowstorms, hurricanes, or just strong winds and rain, it doesn't stop in that area of the country. On, they had a story about the big storm in the Northeast. Heavy rains and strong winds up to 70 miles per hour have knocked out power to anywhere from 136,000 to 190,000 customer. Trees and utility poles have been falling left and right has caused a huge mess to clean up and, not only that, but has caused major damage to many houses.

The story from CNN mostly talked about trees and poles down in the area, which knocked out thousands and thousands of customers power. Another story I found from the Associated Press out of New Jersey had a little bit more information than the CNN story. It was reported that two people have died due to falling trees, and two others have died due to the storm and possibly killed by falling trees as well.

It really was surprising to me that the CNN story didn't cover that aspect that a couple people have died from the storm. Usually I would believe these big-time news sources like CNN and FOX News have everything covered and would be able to get any and every information possible. The only thing I noticed was the ABC 13 story came out 4 hours later than the CNN, but I would think CNN would have some sort of update if they found out people had died.

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