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No shortage of turkey permits

In years past it could be difficult for some Minnesota hunters to obtain a turkey license, but not anymore.

Bill Penning of the Department of Natural Resources has said that the state has enough permits that everyone should be able to obtain one. "It's almost unlimited" Penning said.

In the past Turkey hunting was sort of a novelty, making it high-quality for the 50,000 to 60,000 hunters that had a license. With the turkey populations re surging, the DNR has relaxed on the limit of turkey license that could be obtained.

Along with the more permits being obtained, the DNR is also looking into making more areas hunting zones, which would give hunters more options on where to hunt.

Fork the Fire lends a hand

Two local favorite restaurants; Heidi's and Blackbird were recently burned down by a fire. While each restaurant owner wants the business to come to them, they all usually watch for each other as well.

So after both restaurants burned down, Anoush Ansari of Hemishpere Restaurant Partners, along with other restaurants in the communtiy, came together and did Fork the Fire benefit to raise money for each restaurant.

The fundraiser was held at Mission restaurant, which is a part of the Hemishpere Restaurant Partners, and over 80 businesses made donations to help the cause.

It is pretty cool seeing all these restaurants and businesses come together to hep each other out like that.

Lakers sign Bryant to 3-year extension

Fox Sports News wrote a report on the new contract extension given to Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant. The new contract gives Bryant $90 million and keeps him in L.A. until the 2013-2014 season.

Bryant wasn't hurting for money before this contract as he was expected to make $23 million this year and $24.8 million next year. After next year Bryant will be expected to make $27.4 million, $30.2 million, and $32 million the following three seasons, all before he turns 35.

Bryant isn't the only Laker to sign an extension this year as teammate Pau Gasol signed a three-year extension as well. Gasol is making $16.5 this year and $17.8 next year. The following three years after that will give hime nearly $20 million a year.

The most recognizable player currently in the NBA is playing like he was still 25, as his numbers remain MVP material. The 31-year-old is averaging 27.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game this season.

This new contract will almost make sure that Bryant is a Laker for life.

Henry Allingham

While this obituary is a bit old, it was still pretty unique to read. Henry Allingham, who died back in 2009, was 113-years-old when he died. Not only that but he acutally fought in World War I.

As the story goes, Allingham was riding his bike one day when he became enthralled with an airplane flying in the sky above him. He quickly enrolled in the Royal Naval Air Service where he first became a mechanic.

Much of his work surrounded the war, and he also worked during World War II as a mechanic as well, helping to create ways to protect ships against mines.

Reading about war veterans is so fascinating, the things they did and saw, I can't imagine going through what they did.

Texas Conservatives Win Textbook Battle

Big controversy down in the heart of Texas. Story out of the New York Times, the Texas Board of Education just voted on information that can be taught in textbooks. The decision came down to a 10-5 voting in favor of a more conservative approach to teaching history. The controversy mostly surrounds the teaching of Darwinism in classes, as the conservative vote will lead to teaching more of what the founding fathers believed of Christian principals. also carried the story and I think it's funny how both stories seem to make it seem like this is a loss for the state of Texas, almost like this should of never passed. Titling it "Texas Conservatives Win Vote" instead of something like "Board vote passes more conservative history approach" really brings a negative conotation towards the views of those that voted this way.

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