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Gladys Reyes? About her "condition" ...

Pioneer Press, ST. PAUL - Questions of immigrant status are beginning to infiltrate their way into the dragging of Gladys Reyes. This article chronicles a disturbing transition from "is she alright?" to "is she legal?" [full story here]

For the record, all signs point to "yes." The article, however, raises interesting questions about the nature of compassion in our country when mingled with immigration prejudices.

As for Mauricio Sanchez, the driver, he entered a guilty plea on the hit-and-run Wednesday. The judge is waiting on convicting Sanchez of the two felonies (two counts of criminal vehicular operation resulting in great bodily harm), however, in case Reyes condition should worsen. Furthermore, Sanchez is on a temporary visa, which must be renewed. He may face deportation. Sentencing is set for March 21, but the date is tentative. For more information: click here.

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