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University student dies in New Brighton drowning accident

Minnesota Daily, NEW BRIGHTON - University of Minnesota freshman Elomo Lenya died last night in what police believe is was an accidental drowning at an indoor pool in New Brighton. [full story here.]

The article doesn't give much information, other than she was seen having difficulty swimming. A manager from a nearby building attempted to revive her, but it the emergency services found her unconscious next to the pool. She died at the scene.

According to Onestop, she was enrolled in Bio Sciences, although her Facebook profile says she was focusing in Medicine. Lenya came from from Duouala, Cameroon to study at the University. Her facebook profile says she liked it here, and enjoyed reading and dancing.

Neither the Star Tribune nor the PiPress have anything yet, but the Daily promises more information on Monday. More information as it comes out. My condolences to Elomo's family and friends.

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