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A flattering photograph for the end of a career...

Minnesota Public Radio, (AP) NATION - Radio Giant Don Imus was dismissed from CBS for innappropriate language, referring to the players of the Rutger women's basketball team as "nappy-headed ho's." [full story here]

As illustrated by Will Ferrell's Anchorman, the problem with live broadcast is the inability to edit what you blurt out. Like the legend that is the fictional Ron Burgundy, it seems radio icon Don Imus has crossed the line.

'Which line?', some are asking, especially in contrast to the other slurs and derrogatory statements made against black women in hip-hop. The line here seems to be drawn between art and news, but some are wondering if the reaction to Imus's firing will have effects on the music genre and, more importantly, on free speech.

The media reacted very quickly, condemning his terminology as sexist, racist, and innapropriate. In an attempt to apologize, Imus held a radio program with Reverand Al Sharpton, which effectively backfired.

Lo, we now herald the end of an era. Ne'er again shall we hear an Imus Radiothon.

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