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Bad press for them is bad press for U

Minnesota Daily, MINNEAPOLIS - The rape charges brought against the 3 University of Minnesota football players may do more than injure reputations and/or put people behind bars. Allegations such as these can cause less enrollment for the school. [full story here]

The accusations have grabbed the attention of national news sources like USA today and ESPN, generated considerable media buzz within the Twin Cities, and has sparked dialogue about the responsibilities of both student athletes and the press.

Releasing the names of the players by many of the local media outlets was a step in a bad direction, some journalists say. Although the players are arguably in the public eye and they are news-worthy items, the possibility of innocence remains. But that might not be enough, for the gentleman or the U.

Though these three will almost definitely suffer from their names being disclosed, they are not the only ones affected. The University also has a reputation to maintain, and when its reputation suffers, so do enrollments and donations, which could mean higher tuition spikes and increased student services fees.

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