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Centennial Hall loses two students in one weekend...

Minnesota Daily, CAMPUS - Just three days after freshman Elomo Lenya accidentally drowned, an accidental fall off of a parking ramp claimed the life of another University freshman. [full story here]

Kyle Sharbonno, 19, was seen on parking lot surveillance cameras at 1:36 a.m. He was alone, and he appared intoxicated - his most recent status update on facebook was made the night of the fall, and it references a beer pong tourney. An officer was trying to find Sharbonno when the 911 calls started coming in, saying he had fallen.

One witness, Michelle Hisdahl, said she saw him fall.

She said she watched him climb over to sit on the ledge. She dialed 911, but waited to press the call button.

He sat there for about 10 seconds and then fell, she said.

"It didn't look purposeful, but I can't say for sure," she said.

It had been raining that night, and she couldn't see fully because of a tree, but when she saw him fall she called 911 and ran with a friend to the scene. Several witnesses were already there.

Police don't assume any foul-play, but they're still trying to determine what led to the accident. Sharbonnoo died Sunday afternoon as a result of his injuries.

Sharbonno's Facebook Wall has been buried by friends and loved one's paying final tributes. Dates for services have not yet been released, but University counselors are available for those affected by the deaths of both Lenya and Sharbonno.

Again, my condolences to the friends and family of this young man.

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