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"Freakishly rare" and decidedly tragic

Star Tribune, OAKDALE - A 17-year-old mother hid her pregnancy, gave birth on a laundry room floor, and stabbed her newborn daughter 135 times. Her bail has been set at $1 million, and she faces life in prison if convicted. [full story here]

Nicole Beecroft was an overweight girl, and her mother didn't suspect that she was carrying a child. Neighbor's are shocked. Nevertheless, the fact that a knife was involved makes this a first-degree, premeditated murder case. Nicole told the police that she panicked when it moved a finger, and that is why she killed her daughter.

The body of the infant was found in a trash bag at Beecrofts house with bloody towels and the knife. Nicole will undergo psychiatric evaluations while detained at the juvenile detention center. Her next court date was set for April 27th.

Many citizens are baffled that the teen did not make use of the Safe Haven Law, which allows mothers to leave newborns up to 3 days old at a hospital without any consequences. The problem is that many teens simply don't know that option exists. While sex education is available in school, abstinence is the main focus of the curriculum, with little attention given to safe-sex methods or options for teen mothers. Perhaps this case may spur some changes.

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