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PiPress v. Strib, 2007

Pioneer Press, MINNEAPOLIS - The Pioneer Press is taking on the competition... in court.; suing for 13 counts ranging from conspiracy, theft, and fraud, the PiPress claims Ridder took secret business information from the Pioneer Press to their arch-nemisis, the Strib. [full story here]

The PiPress alleges former publisher Ridder planned togo to the Star Trubune six months before his actual departure. They also claim he took computer files holding advertiser information, budget plans, and future business plans, delivering them straight to the hands of the competition.

This marks an interesting point in the Twin Citie's competetive press scene. I think it'll be interesting to see how ethical and legal bounds are defined in a court of law. It will also be interesting to watch the trial coverage from both sides of the argument. This is a true exercise in objective reporting.

So far, the PiPress is asking for a court order to permit a computer expert to inspect the Star Tribune's computer systems, especially those used by Par Ridder and the two executives. The lawsuit also asks for unspecified monetary damages, attorneys fees, and a one-year ban on Ridder working at the Star Tribune.

Stay tuned, more updates as they arrive.

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