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Shoooool's out forevah.

Minnesota Public Radio, MINNEAPOLIS - Despite public urging against the motion, the Minneapolis School Board voted 6-1 on Thursday to close six schools, five of which are in North Minneapolis. [full story here]

Tuttle, W. Harry Davis Academy, Jordan Park, Lincoln, North Star and Shingle Creek will be closing their doors, and this summer the Board will discuss other closings.

The reasoning for closings seem quite logical. Over the past years, enrollment's have declined almost 50%, losing students to charter, private, and suburban schools. District leaders also cite the achievement gap, because "the academic gap between white students and students of color on the north side is wider than in the rest of the city." The school board plans to pool resources, but some parents and students are not thrilled.

The last time the schoolboard opted to close down schools, debates were held over the course of a year. In this case, the plan to close the schools was announced three weeks prior to the decision, with one meeting for the public.

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