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The"Fast Food Nation" is giving giving trans fat the boot.

Star Tribune, NATIONAL - KFC announced Sunday that all of its restaurants, more than 55,000 across the United States, have stopped frying chicken in oil (partially hydrogenated vegetable oil) that contains trans fats. Instead, they now use a soybean oil that is less likely to clog arteries and/or cause heart disease. Sister brand Taco Bell has also switched entirely to either canola oil or soybean oil, eliminating trans fats. [full story here]

Both chains are owned by Yum Brands Inc., based out of Louisville, KY. The switch was made to appeal to consumers via health sensibilities. Doctors say trans fats raise unhealthy colesterol and lower healthy colesterol. Taco Bell currently has 23 items on its menu that contain absolutely no trans-fat (including the chicken and beef crunchy taco, grilled steak soft taco, chicken and steak Gordita Supreme and the chicken and steak Chalupa Supreme) and the company also said they plan to remove trans-fat from all their ingredients.

Many fast food chains, includingMcDonalds and Starbucks, are also eliminating trans-fats from their products.

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