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This is only a test...

Minnesota Daily, MINNEAPOLIS - On Wednesay, the U of M sent out 60,000 test emergency e-mails in just 12 minutes. According to University Spokesman Dan Wolter, this is a 90% improvement over the e-mails sent out after the bomb threat on April 18th. [full story here]

By dividing the load across 10 different servers, instead of using the normal University e-mail channels, the e-mails were able to increase the speed of the dissemination.

But the University isn't simply relying on e-mail. Audio alarms such as fire alarms or telephone calls are also used, and the U also plans to explore the text messaging avenue, but again - volume is a concern for providers. The U is also considering a text only homepage during emergencies in response to the long load times experienced after the bomb threat.

The U plans on sending out test e-mails once every three months.

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