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Published in Monday Memo February 14, 2011

Are you one of the 66% of U.S. web searchers who uses Google as their primary web search engine? You might want to give some of the other newer search engines a try and see how your results differ from a Google search. Here are a few to consider, and why.

Microsoft debuted this search engine in 2009 and it is the search engine behind Yahoo Search as well. Bing has a nice travel search engine that compares prices on multiple airlines. It integrates a farecasting technology that predicts whether your airfare is likely to rise or fall. It also pulls together useful consumer information on products under its shopping tab.

Blekko pre-screens your results to limit results to sites they have deemed as trustworthy. It uses categorical slashtags created by individuals to restrict your results to specified characteristics, allowing you to eliminate spam and hone in on good results.

Duck Duck Go
If you're concerned about the privacy of your results give Duck Duck Go a try. Duck Duck Go does not collect any personal information and your search terms are not shared with sites you visit. It also offers instant factual answers and unique ways of searching.

Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine that provides you with factual data and can compute answers from data. It offers detailed statistics in the medical arena with reports on symptoms, treatments, drugs and more. It also includes a wealth of scientific information as well as answers to basic factual questions.

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Have you found a useful feature on a non-Google search engine? We'd love to hear about it.

- Jody Kempf on behalf of the Current Awareness and Personal Information Management Collaborative

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