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Published in Monday Memo April 4, 2011

How many tabs are open in your browser at the end of the day? If you often find yourself glancing at links that you really do want to read (just not right now), take a look at Read it Later at: . Read it Later (RIL) is a bookmarking tool that integrates with your browser and syncs your bookmarks to the cloud and whatever computers or other devices you choose. RIL extensions are available for most browsers, and applications are available for iPhone/iPad, Android, and other mobile devices. In your browser, RIL adds a button to the address bar or toolbar. Just click it to save the page to your RIL account. Open your browser at home, or the RIL application on your mobile device, and links to the pages you want to read are there waiting for you. RIL also integrates with Google Reader, so you can skim your feeds and mark interesting items for later.

Speaking of RSS feeds, you can subscribe to a feed of your own items (unread, read, or all). I've been experimenting with using sending my Read it Later unread items feed to my Kindle for offline reading during my morning bus ride.

RIL is very similar to another tool, Instapaper. If you'd like some help choosing the one that's right for you, take a look at Lifehacker's comparison at:!5622433/battle-of-the-bookmark+and+read+later-apps-instapaper-vs-read-it-later or this more opinionated comparison at: .

Disclaimer: When considering use of this or any hosted service, note that private and confidential University data (link at: must not be stored on vendor or Internet sites or systems, unless a University contract approved by the Office of the General Counsel is in place with that vendor or site. For questions, please contact Libraries Autosys at: .

- Jan Fransen, on behalf of the Current Awareness and Personal Information Management Collaborative

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