Life Could Be Easier: On the Go part 1

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Are you wondering whether you should get a smart phone? Do you have a smart phone that you'd like to get more out of? This summer, we're asking our colleagues from across the University to recommend their favorite apps, and to tell us what's so useful about them. Chime in in the comments here if you have questions or recommendations of your own.

Our first two app recommenders come from the University Libraries' Web Development department:

Chad Fennell, Mobile device type: Android (Optimus V)
Recommended apps:
Gmail "Android's overall Google integration is, not surprisingly, quite good for Google email, calendars, contact information, etc."
Google Maps Navigation: "This is kind of a greedy application in terms of battery life, but for that you get an exceedingly useful navigation application. It's probably not as robust as, say, a Garmin Nuvi, but it's getting there."
Google Voice: "Even though the message transcription is often fairly garbled, it's nice to be able to actually be able to read voicemails. Google Voice also allows me to decouple my phone number from the device I happen to be using at the moment, so I won't have to rely upon carriers to get my number transferred to a new phone when I migrate off of my Optimus V."
GQueues (task manager): "I just started using it, but it's one of the best "Getting Things Done"-ish task managers I've seen with a nice mobile user interface."

John Barneson, Mobile device type: iPhone
Recommended apps:
SMS (text messaging): "The only way many of my family and friends communicate."
Twitter: "Easy to randomly browse on the go."
iPod: "Music and podcasts for the bus ride."
Google/Google Apps: "Not much else to say here."
TouchTerm (secure network for data transfer): "SSH terminal client if I need to access a server in a pinch."
Evernote: "Keep track of everything across multiple devices."

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