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A couple weeks ago, Google Scholar announced that it will now allow users to set up a citations page listing articles and citation metrics. If Google+ also takes off, I wonder if this will be the push that gets academics into social networking.

One question that we've been wondering about here in the Science & Engineering Library is how Google will be handling author ID/disambiguation since they plan to automatically update profiles with new research. Here is what Google has to say about it on their blog:

We use a statistical model based on author names, bibliographic data, and article content to group articles likely written by the same author. You can quickly identify your articles using these groups. After you identify your articles, we collect citations to them, graph these citations over time, and compute your citation metrics. Three metrics are available: the widely used h-index, the i-10 index, which is the number of articles with at least ten citations, and the total number of citations to your articles. We compute each metric over all citations as well as over citations in articles published in the last five years. These metrics are automatically updated as we find new citations to your articles on the web.

Has anybody tried this out yet?


Here's a brief overview, by ProfHacker from the Chronicle of Higher Education, of what the Google Scholar Profile includes it also offers a screenshot of a profile:

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