Life Could Be Easier - On the Go, Part 3

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Published in the September 12 Monday Memo:

From Amy West, Data Services Librarian, Device Type: Android

RememberTheMilk - app is free, but only available for RTMPro subscribers ($25/year)
Android Market
RTM Pro does cost $25 a year, but for the absurdly absentminded like me, that's a bargain. I have my todo list right on the home screen of my phone, installed as a plug-in next to my email and integrated into my calendar. Since I've got it on my phone, then when I think of something that I should do for work or home (usually on the bus coming or going), I can note it right then. I still forget things, but way, way, way less than before. Since the phone's always with me, RTM makes a nice bridge tool between work and home.

Tweetdeck - free
Best Twitter client for Android. You can specify notifications by type, e.g. do nothing for new tweets, flash a light for @ replies, make a noise for a DM, etc. You can also receive updates from Facebook when someone comments on a post of yours - better notifications than the native Facebook application. I do find the fonts a little small and you can't choose which photo upload service to use, but these problems haven't been enough to make me switch. Tweetdeck also supports multiple accounts.

PowerNote for Android - free
Android Market
PowerNote is a tool developed by Diigo the bookmarking service. I don't care for PowerNote as an independent app, but once it's installed you can save things from other applications like Tweetdeck to your Diigo account via PowerNote. Diigo is fabulous - it supports bookmarking, annotations and notes. I now use it over In the mornings while I throw cat food for Leopold to hunt down, I get caught up on Twitter. Any substantive tweets get saved to PowerNote so I can read them later at work. Since it's already added to my Diigo account, this means I only have to decide if I want to make it a public bookmark and if so, add tags. I have found that this is the single most efficient way to manage bookmarking & professional reading. For what it's worth, I have a standing reminder in RTM to check Diigo each day for items I saved!

Weatherbug Elite - $1.99
Very nicely laid out screens, displays temp in notification bar at the top of the phone and, for those days when I want to make sure to tell my family about all the character I'm building up here in February, built-in screen capture that I can then post to Facebook.

OurGroceries - free with ads
Shopping list application. Unlike RTM or other tools, this one remembers previous entries and displays the most commonly listed ones first. Turns out that makes it worth having a separate application just for lists. You can have multiple shopping lists and they'll be rearranged based on whether they have anything in them and/or how recently they were modified. I've also found it very handy for packing since ALA Midwinter because once I've entered "ipod charger" the first time, it comes right up every other time I put together a packing list. You're supposed to be able to share lists, but at the moment I'm the only one in the household w/a smartphone so I haven't tried that.

From Paul Zenke, University Libraries Instructional Designer Device: Paul uses a (self described) dilapidated iPhone 3G.

GoodReader (iPhone/iPad) $4.99
My favorite iOS application for reading, highlighting, managing, and syncing .pdf and .doc files. GoodReader has so many advanced features it feels like a desktop app.

Sample workflow: Save a .pdf article in Dropbox, sync to GoodReader, download the article into GoodReader, highlight sections and make comments, zip the original and the marked-up version, then email the zipped files to a colleague for their review.

Tweetbot (iPhone) $2.99
My favorite Twitter interface on any device.

Simplenote (iPhone/iPad) $0.00
A simple multi-platform writing tool.

Dropbox (iPhone/iPad) $0.00, web service has free and paid subscription options
Access your files on the go.

Apps previously mentioned by my colleagues on the PIM blog, that I also use:
Evernote (iPhone/iPad) $0.00, web service has free and paid subscription options
Where I keep my notes, images, and audio files.

Sample workflow: After a meeting, or while walking across campus, I'll create a new audio file and will record audio straight into my phone. I use this when I want to talk through an idea, or to avoid forgetting something while I'm not able to write it down. The audio file then syncs with Evernote's desktop and web interfaces so my audio note will be ready for my review on my desktop when I get back to my office.

Another Sample workflow: I use the iPhone's camera to capture whiteboard drawings directly into Evernote. I'll often paste them into the same note I was using to take notes during a meeting so I'll have all my media together in one place. I can also email these notes to a group directly from the application.

App to watch:
Mendeley (iPhone/iPad) $0.00
I use the Mendeley desktop app daily, however the current version of the iPhone app (1.3.1) consistently crashes. I can't wait for them to fix the bugs.

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